Type-R recovered

This morning we set out to retrieve the abandoned Integra Type-R.  After running out of fuel last week, I decided to play it safe and stopped off for a full tank on the way there!  After heading north for a while we arrived and found the car was as described.  Low mileage type-R with only 22,722 kms on it (about 14k miles)!  The interior was taken out and it had a pre-fab’d rollbar installed with and a fire suppression system.  After looking over the car there was one serious problem we found – The car was locked and the seller had no clue what he had done with the keys.

A few ideas were tossed around, but after a call to the closest Acura dealer 30 minutes away we found they had a blank key in-stock and would cut us a new one.  That hour detour got us into the car, but it was parked with the e-brake engaged so it would not move.   We jacked up the car and pulled off the brake pads – discovering that the rear pads had fused to the rotors from sitting so long.  Once we had the car rolling we loaded it onto the trailer, and since the car is immobilized from the factory we needed to go back to the Acura dealer to get the key programmed.

The Acura dealership was extremely helpful and the staff were amazed to see one of these cars in this condition (They were a rare low production numbers car and most of the local ones have either been used up or stolen).   All of the techs at the dealer came over and had a good look over the car.   We joked about getting a free wash with our key programming service, and since we made friends with the techs they gladly let us use they pressure washer!   The car cleaned up quite nicely – but will still need some polishing to take out some imperfections in the paint.

Since we were in Barrie – we had to stop at the only Tim Hortons we know that has Boston Cream Timbits!   Seriously – i don’t know why all locations don’t have these little bites of deliciousness!   Afterwards we trailered the car home and parked it in the new owners garage.  It will receive a complete fluid change,  gas tank drain and brake flush.  Once the car is fired up – the plan is to revert the interior back to original and get the brakes and running gear road worthy again.

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  • Jon says:

    major jelly!!!!

    let me know if you need a hand wrenching on that beast ;)

    January 7, 2012 at 7:12 pm
  • Rob says:

    i need help finding an interior lol

    January 7, 2012 at 9:38 pm

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