Porsche Parts!

Last week i signed up for alerts from my local classified ads and got an email this week about a 67 SWB porsche shell with title just down the street from me.  I called the seller and made an appointment to go see it.  Turns out it was actually a VERY early 68 build that was titled as a 67.  It looked like it had 85% of what is needed to fix the pond porsche.    The previous owner started to prep it for restoration and cut out a bunch of rusty panels, so it doesn’t look great, but everything that is still on the car is very solid.  A deal was made and we loaded it onto the trailer.

  • Phil says:

    When are you having an open house/garage? ;) I’ve never heard of those timbits!

    March 7, 2012 at 4:34 pm

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